ActiveLink Privacy Policy

ActiveLink respects your right to privacy and the confidentiality of the information we collect and hold about you. We created this Privacy Policy to inform you and acquire your consent for ActiveLink's capture, collection, processing, and sharing of your personal information or data as defined under Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and regulations, and all other issuances of the National Privacy Commission (NPC), otherwise referred to as "Applicable Data Privacy Regulations."

It is ActiveLink's top priority to safeguard users' privacy and maintain the confidentiality of the data or information that users share or upload through BMB or Benefits Made Better (Website and/or ActiveLink Mobile App), as well as other ActiveLink services and activities. These include, but are not limited to, HMO Membership Information, STM Wellness Programs and Projects, HMO Administrative Support and Customer Support, Appointment Setting, Directory Listing, Pre-Employment Examination, Clinic Management, Group Life Insurance, Surveys, Reimbursement, APE, Utilization Reports and Analysis, etc.

ActiveLink has been guided by PwC Isla Lipana and Co. in complying with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

What data or personal information do we collect, acquire or gather?

We collect only the personal information needed to give you relevant and up-to-date information on the status of your HMO coverage and other health and wellness services we may provide as part of ActiveLink's programs. We gather only the personal information made available to us by you, your employer, your HMO provider, and other third-party provider/s related to the services you may acquire within your HMO policy. This includes information gathered from sources such as your participation in ActiveLink and BMB IB programs and other ActiveLink projects, as well as the personal information that you provide as part of your registration and your dependents' enrollment on the BMB Website and ActiveLink Mobile Application.

Sources for collected personal information include ActiveLink activities and services such as, but not limited to:

  • HMO/Medical Insurance/Health Care Program (Enrollment)
  • BMB Website
  • ActiveLink Mobile Application
  • Dependents Enrollment
  • Help Support (Helpdesk Inquiries)
  • Availment Related Coordination
  • Online Survey
  • Utilization report and Analysis
  • Wellness Projects and Activities
  • Appointment Setting Service
  • Website Logs History
  • Reimbursement Processing
  • APE and PEME

The sources noted above yield data or personal information that includes, but is not limited to:

  • HMO Membership

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Birthdate
    • Gender
    • Contact Details
    • Email Address
    • Civil Status
    • Supporting Documents (i.e. Birth Certificate, marriage Certificate, etc.)
    • Employee Number
    • Designation

  • APE and PEME

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Employee ID
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Civil Status
    • Height, Weight and BMI
    • Results and Findings (X-Ray, CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Physical Exam, Visual Acuity, Pap Smear, ECG, etc.)

  • GYRT

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Employee ID
    • Gender
    • Birth Date
    • Civil Status
    • Monthly Salary

  • BMB Website and Dependents Module (For Employees and Dependents as applicable) / ActiveLink Mobile Application

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Birthdate
    • Gender
    • Contact Details
    • Email Address
    • Civil Status
    • Mobile Number
    • Signature
    • Supporting Documents (i.e. Birth Certificate, marriage Certificate, etc.)
    • Principal and Dependents Relationship
    • Administrative and Customer Support
    • Medical and Dental Appointment Setting (Type of Service, Location, Date and Time, etc.)
    • Directory Listing (Near me locator mapping)
    • Mobile Device UUID (Universally Unique Identifier)
    • Mobile Device Platform
    • Mobile Device Version
    • Mobile Device Model

  • Utilization Reports and Analysis

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Birthdate
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Civil Status
    • ICD Code
    • Monitored Cases
    • Diagnosis

  • STM Wellness Programs and Projects

    • First, Middle and Last Name
    • Vital Signs
    • Gender
    • Employee ID Number
    • Birthdate
    • Medical History
    • BMI Results (i.e. Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat Mass, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Bone Mass, Physique Rating, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Metabolic Age, Body Mass Index, Muscle Quality, Daily Calorie Intake, Muscle Quality Score, Segmental Muscle Mass, Segmental Body Fat Percentages and Body Type)
    • Working Diagnosis
    • Consultation Result
    • Health is Wealth Monthly Assessment Report
    • Laboratory Results
    • Weight and Height
    • Medical condition

  • Survey

    • IP Address
    • Name (Voluntary)
    • Gender
    • Email Address

Please note that the personal data or information collected through your BMB registration and other BMB website and mobile application services become part of ActiveLink's database. This allows you to make use of ActiveLink services such as, but not limited to, customer support through our helpdesk, dependents Enrollment, account management through the BMB platform and ActiveLink Mobile App Services, etc.

Collection of your dependents' data will only commence once your legal-age dependent/s signify consent through the consent form provided by ActiveLink during Dependents Enrollment. Minor dependents can be covered through the consent of their principals.

We protect all personal data or information that we have about you in accordance with accepted standards of security and confidentiality.

  1. Who uses your information?

    Your information is accessed and used by our team, who are responsible for benefits analysis, planning, risk management and collaboration with your company. These functions, and the use of your information in their fulfillment, ensure the smooth delivery of services, the effective supervision of administrative requirements, the management of benefits cost over time, and the preservation of human capital through wellness. Duly authorized employees of ActiveLink, who are knowledgeable in the proper use of data or information, are responsible for accessing, using or processing any members' collected data or information needed to carry out their roles and responsibilities as part of ActiveLink.

    Captured data will only be visible to you as a user and only authorized ActiveLink employees will know, access, process and use your personal information according to their duties and responsibilities. ActiveLink employees who violate our Privacy Policies will be subject to disciplinary penalties and sanctions.

  2. How do we use your information?

    The personal data or information collected through your registration for the BMB platform and your use of other BMB-provided services become part of the ActiveLink database. This allows you to make use of ActiveLink services such as, but not limited to, customer support through our helpdesk, dependents enrollment, account management through the BMB platform and ActiveLink Mobile App, etc.

    Collection of your dependents' data will only commence once your legal-age dependent/s signify consent through the consent form provided by ActiveLink during Dependents Enrollment. Minor dependents can be covered through the consent of their principals. Collected information from wellness activities, programs or projects are strictly used for documentation. This entails the creation of reports for the authorized personnel from your company responsible for improving your health and wellness. Your information is also used to measure the results of ActiveLink's employee wellness programs or activities.

    Collected data may be used to perform the activities and services provided by BMB and ActiveLink. The data may also be used for review, documentation, reporting and monitoring purposes to improve the service provided by BMB website, ActiveLink mobile app, Wellness Programs and other services provided by ActiveLink.

  3. How do we share your information?

    ActiveLink, to preserve human capital and improve wellness of every member, may share personal information to members, the company, company clinic and HR if necessary and with the proper authority and consent.

    ActiveLink may collaborate with third parties to provide other services to members. Such partners may collect anonymous data for review. In cases where third parties collect personal data from registered members, they are required to comply with our privacy policy to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of the information, and the accidental loss, destruction or impairment of the same and without prior consent with the company and the individual.

    Personal data is not disclosed to third parties except for providing services in collaboration with the third parties or for compliance with any other authorized personalities exercising their duties as required by law (e.g. for investigation, to prevent illegal activity).

    We do not share personal information that we hold about you to any other person for any reason, unless you have authorized such disclosure, or it is permitted or required by law.

  4. How do we protect your information?

    ActiveLink shall safeguard or retain your data or information for five (5) years or less, depending on your company's contract duration and requirements. All data or information collected from you resides in ActiveLink's cloud-hosted database. Storage server facility of ActiveLink is MS Azure which is a secured cloud server storage that encrypts all data in transit and at rest complying with security standards. To know more about Microsoft Azure securing your data please see link here: ( Data terminals are monitored with historical logs to keep your data or information safe. We dispose data based on the aforementioned period or requirements through our cloud database storage.

  5. How will you be notified of changes to our policy?

    When necessary, we review and revise our Privacy Policy to protect your personal information. You will be informed of the Privacy Policy modification on ActiveLink's different platform such as BMB website and ActiveLink mobile application. The current version of our Privacy Policy will also be available to all users of the BMB website and ActiveLink mobile application. Any modification is effective immediately upon posting.

    You, as a user, always have the right to access, modify, and cancel the processing of your personal data upon informing ActiveLink. To do so, please contact our data privacy support team at [email protected]

Security Policy

To secure your limited personal information, the ActiveLink mobile application encrypts all transmissions using security software. Authorized data collection and storage occurs through our BMB database, which uses similar security measures to protect your information. The ActiveLink mobile application and related databases work only with mobile systems compatible with our security protocols. Otherwise, you will receive a notification indicating that your transactions cannot be completed due to security risks.

Cookie Policy


To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It allows the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over time, so you don't have to keep re-entering these whenever you return to the site or browse from one page to another.

How does ActiveLink use cookies?

Cookies allow us to identify your device or when you log in to our site. We strictly use cookies to let you move around the site and access certain features. ActiveLink uses cookies to enhance the functionality of the website and the mobile application by storing your preferences, for example. We also use cookies to help us improve the performance of our website and provide a better user experience. We do not sell the information collected by cookies. ActiveLink collect cookies that are limited to what we call as "Session Cookies", this cookies are used by our server to store information about user page activities so they can easily pick up where they left off on the server's page.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy, Security Policy, and Cookie Policy, you give affirmation or consent that you have been informed of ActiveLink's policies regarding the collection, use, storage, disclosure, retention and disposal of personal data which you have provided to ActiveLink or which we received and collect from you.

You agree that the consent and authorization you provided has been executed freely, voluntarily and with full knowledge and consent of its consequences. This is intended as the consent and/or permission required under the Applicable Data Privacy Regulations. Upon accepting these terms and conditions, your consent will be valid and will have continued effect throughout the duration of your and/or your company's engagement with ActiveLink, the existence of your account, and/or until the expiration of the retention limit set by laws and regulations, and/or through the period set until the destruction or disposal of records as mandated by relevant laws, unless you withdraw such authorization and consent in writing. Thus, you hereby give consent to ActiveLink, its officers, employees and representatives, and you free us from any and all liabilities arising from the above use and disclosure of your information.

Last Update: November 14, 2018